Create your future

Do you ever imagine what your future will look like in five years from now? Are you searching for your true destiny in the future?

Drawing a mandala is a powerful tool to get more clarity of what you want.

The word ‘mandala’ means sacred circle and symbolizes the whole, the keeper of essence. The word comes from the Sanskrit language and the symbol can be found in all times and cultures. Drawing a mandala brings you automatically to your own inner peace and creative center. Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung discovered that people who were facing a major change in their life, often made drawings that allowed them to express what was present.


JorInspiration combines drawing mandalas with a focus on the future. When you draw only 5 % is made rationally, the rest is present under the surface (unconsious). You might think you draw it all rationally, but in fact something else is happening while drawing. Your unconscious, your soul, your true self, will guide you and will reflect what you truly want. It is a wonderful way to show what you have in you and what direction you could take. You will be in total presence while drawing.

JorInspiration creates a safe environment in which you will feel welcome and you can create whatever you like. When you create from your inner peace, you will create your true wishes and dreams. The groups will be small.

During the workshop you will focus on your goals, on your future. You will use a mandala as a form to create. By drawing a mandala you bring focus to what you really want for you! Jorinde challenges you to think and feel about your future and about making your plans visible in a creative way. You do not need any drawing experience.

At the end of the workshop:

  • you know more about mandalas and their meaning;
  • you know how you can focus more on what you want through signs;
  • you have experienced how you can create from your intuition;
  • you have experienced the joy and peace of creation and creativity;
  • you always have your vision nearby;
  • you can tell what you want, because you have a picture to start from. By telling what you want doors will open for you and others can help you achieve your dreams.


The workshop will be three hours in total. If you would like to join the workshop please send an e-mail to info[a]jorinspiration[dot]com.

– Welcome and introduction
– Draw your future
– Share experiences and explanation of the colors used


Luwte 21
3454 TK De Meern


€ 66.55 – per person including VAT and material and drinks.


Your registration is final when your have transferred the payment of € 66.55, into the bank account (IBAN) NL24INGB0004969383 of JorInspiration in De Meern – the Netherlands, at least a day before the workshop.

Please send an e-mail to info[a]jorinspiration[dot]com.

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